SKIP LEVEL MEETING questions for employees and managers

This article provides a complete understanding of concept of skip level meetings and provides skip level meeting questions for employees and managers.


In simplest terms a Skip Level Meeting is held between an upper level manager and an employee or group of employees who are more than one level below them in the organization. In other words, the employee(s) are part of the senior leader’s team, but do not directly report to them. The senior leader meets with the employee(s) alone or with a neutral facilitator, but the direct (or “skipped”) manager of the team is not present. The “skipped” manager receives feedback from the meeting through a debriefing with the senior manager and participates in a joint follow-up session with the senior leader and the team.

What is the purpose of Skip Level Meeting?

A skip level meeting is a wonderful HR tool. It helps the HR team and the leaders in a number of ways –

  1. It is a tool to understand the real problems and thus provides an opportunity to work on those problems.
  2. It helps to gather unfiltered and honest feedback on key initiatives and day-to-day operations of any department.
  3. It helps to build trust among the employees of the organization and to get the overall pulse of the team.
  4. It provides an opportunity to understand the satisfaction/dissatisfaction level of team and the underlying reasons.

Skip Level meeting can be either with a group or with an individual employee.

Some GUIDELINES for a Productive Skip Level Meeting

  1. Schedule date & time and inform the employee(s) at least four days in advance so that the employees are mentally prepared and can think about the issues they want to highlight.
  2. Before starting, explain the purpose of the meeting. Take participants into confidence stating that all the discussions will be kept confidential and their views won’t be revealed.
  3. Ask Direct and Open ended Questions. Some good sample questions are provided in the section “Skip level Meeting Questions for employees”.
  4. Time Duration can be approximate 30-45 Minutes for skip level meeting for a group of 4-5 employees.
  5. One to one skip level meeting needs to be scheduled with the employees whose engagement level seems to be low. This can be done after the group skip level meetings also if some team members seem to be dissatisfied during the group meeting.
  6. The “skipped” manager should be given generic feedback of the meeting through a debriefing with the senior manager.
  7. Send thank you mail to the participants.
  8. A Report should be made on the basis of the skip level meeting, which should include- i) identified issues ii) Proposed solutions.
  9. Start working on the proposed solutions. Updates about the progress related to solutions, should be shared with the employees on a regular basis. This ensures that employees feel their issues are being taken care of. Also they will be more open in the future meetings.

Skip level Meeting Questions for employees

  1. If you could solve one problem that you or your team have, what would it be and how?
  2. What is the one thing that is working right in our organization?”
  3. What happens when problems come up, and who do you turn to for support?
  4. What do you like about your job?
  5. What aspects of your job would you prefer not to have to do? Why?
  6. How do you find out how well you are doing?
  7. How do you know you are not performing well?
  8. If you had a complaint about something connected with your job, whose attention would you bring it to first?
  9. Where do you see yourself going from your present job?
  10. How well does your supervisor and those above him/her understand the technical problems you face in doing your work?
  11. What Support do you require from Management/ HR Team / Other departments?
  12. What is one job related issue you are trying to resolve for long but could not succeed yet?
  13. If you can change one thing related to your job, what will it be?
  14. Meeting can be closed with -Do you have any questions you would like to ask us?

Motivate the employee to open up and share his/her views/ideas. Do not take anything personally or do not try to defend any comment. A well conducted skip level meeting goes a long way in ensuring highly engaged employees in the organization.

If you have any queries related to above skip level meeting questions for employees, or related to skip meetings in general, then you can write to us.


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