Rajasthan Minimum Wages 2018 Notification Shops & Establishment

Rajasthan Minimum Wages

Minimum Wages in Rajasthan are revised from time to time, by the Labour Department of Rajasthan Government. The latest Notification for revision of Rajasthan minimum wages was applicable with effect from January 1, 2018.

Following are the monthly minimum wages in Rajasthan state as applicable from 1st  January 2018 (For all scheduled employments including Shops & Commercial Establishments ) –

Unskilled –            Rs. 5538
Semi Skilled –       Rs. 5798
Skilled –                 Rs. 6058
Highly-Skilled –    Rs. 7358

You can download Rajasthan minimum wages 2018 notification PDF released by the Labour Department of Rajasthan Government – Minimum wages in Rajasthan – January 2018 – Notification PDF

The concept of Minimum Wages & the process of revising the wages are quite interesting. Understanding of Minimum Wages Act is a must for every HR person. In another article, I have explained about the Concept of Minimum Wages and the overview of Minimum Wages Act in simple language.

Minimum wages for different Scheduled Employments in Rajasthan

The above mentioned minimum wages (Unskilled – Rs. 5538, Semi Skilled – Rs. 5798, Skilled – Rs. 6058, Highly Skilled – Rs. 7358) are applicable for all the Scheduled employments in Rajasthan. Following is the comma separated list of all the scheduled employments in Rajasthan –

Agriculture, Automobile Workshop, Employment in Bricks Works Industries, Cabal operating and Related services, Cement Prostrated Project Industry, Cinema industry, Cold drinks soda & Allied Products, Cold Storage, Computer Hardware Industry & Services, Contingency & workers in all government offices, Cotton Dyeing, Printing and Washing factories, Cotton Ginning & Pressing Factories, Cotton Waste Spinning Factories, Employment in Construction & Maintenance of Roads, Handloom Industry, Hotel and Restaurants, Employment in Irrigation Departmental workers, Engineering Industries, Employment in  Sugar Pan Industries without Mechanical Power, Employment in Institutions of Gota kinari and Lappa, Jute Patte Industry, Khadi Handicraft & Village Industry, Employment in Local Authority undertakings, L.P.G. distribution and related services, Marketing and Consumers Co-operating Societies, Metal Foundry & General Engineering Industry, Employment in Mica works, Non-Government Organization (N.G.O.) & Institutions, Oil Mills, Pesticide along with chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Industry, Petrol Pumps &  related  Services, Private Educational Institution, Private Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Power loom Factories, Printing Press, Employment in Production, Distribution and Supply of Electricity, Employment in Public Health  Engineering Department, Public Motor Transport, Public Works Department, Rice Mill, Flour Mill & Dal Mill, STD, ISD, PCO &  related  Services, Shops and Commercial Establishments, Small Scale Industry, Soap Stone Factories, Sweeper & Sanitary service not covered in other employment, Tailoring work & Garments Industry, Taxies Auto Rickshaw & Traveling Agencies, Textile Industry, Manufacturing of Tiles & Potteries Industry, Wool Cleaning and Pressing Factories, Woollen Spinning and Weaving Factories, Wood works & Furniture Industry, Factories registered under Factory Act.

Daily Minimum Wages in Rajasthan

You can easily convert the monthly minimum wages to daily minimum wages by dividing them by 26. Following are the daily minimum wages in Rajasthan as per the Minimum wages notification –

Unskilled –            Rs. 213
Semi Skilled –       Rs. 223
Skilled –                 Rs. 233
Highly-Skilled –    Rs. 283

You can click here for the Definition of Unskilled, Semi-Skilled, Skilled and Highly Skilled Workers.

Minimum wages for Domestic help/ household work in Rajasthan

Rajasthan became the first state to set minimum wages for Domestic help i.e. Minimum wages for household work.

Household work constitutes – Washing clothes and utensils, cleaning the house, doing other household work, childcare, dropping kids to school etc.

The minimum wage set for this work is 6058 per month when the employed person works 8 hours daily.

For work of 1 hour per day, the monthly payable amount is Rs. 757.

This is a great initiative to introduce labour reforms in the unorganised sector. But the point whether the government be able to really enforce and implement it, remains a point of contention.

Next Revision for Minimum Wages in Rajasthan

Above mentioned minimum wages are applicable till 30 June 2018. The next revision for minimum wages in Rajasthan, will be applicable w.e.f. 1st July 2018 but the notification for the revision has not yet been released.

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