Minimum wages in Maharashtra – January 2020 Notification – Shops & Commercial Establishment

Minimum wages in Maharashtra state are revised in the months of January & July. It is revised by the Labour Department, Maharashtra Government through revision Notification. The latest revision in the wages has been done w.e.f. January 2020. The revised minimum wages are applicable w.e.f. January 2020 to June 2020. The next revision is due and will be effective from July 2020.

Minimum wages in Maharashtra for the period 1st January 2020 to 30 June 2020, for Shops & Commercial Establishments in Zone I –

Category Basic Dearness allowance HRA Total Minimum Wages (In Rs. per month)
Skilled Manpower 11632 754 619.3 13005.3
Semi-skilled  Manpower 10856 754 580.5 12190.5
Unskilled  Manpower 10021 754 538.75 11313.75

You can download the Notification pdf of the latest revision in Dearness allowance (DA) here –

Maharashtra-Dearness Allowance Jan 2020 to June 2020

The above pdf contains the revised special allowance for all schedules of employment. The special allowance for Shops & Establishment is given at no. 48 and is Rs. 754.

The minimum wages are derived by adding the special allowance to the Basic Pay declared by the government. The basic pay is currently Rs. 11632, Rs. 10856 & Rs. 10021 for skilled labour, semi-skilled labour & unskilled labour respectively in the Zone 1 of Maharashtra, for Shops & Commercial Establishments.

You can download the notification of basic wages of Maharashtra by clicking on the link below –


The concept of Minimum Wages & the process of revising the wages are quite interesting. Understanding of Minimum Wages Act is a must for every HR person. In another article, I have explained about the concept of Minimum wages in simple language –  Click Here to read.

The minimum wages for Zone II & Zone III in Maharashtra for Shops & Commercial Establishment –

 Zone II –

Category Basic Dearness allowance HRA Total Minimum Wages (In Rs. Per month)
Skilled Manpower 11036 754 589.5 12379.5
Semi-skilled  Manpower 10260 754 550.7 11564.7
Unskilled  Manpower 9425 754 508.95 10687.95

 Zone III –

Category Basic Dearness allowance HRA Total Minimum Wages (In Rs. Per month)
Skilled Manpower 10440 754 559.7 11753.7
Semi-skilled  Manpower 9664 754 520.9 10938.9
Unskilled  Manpower 8828 754 479.1 10061.1

You can click here for the Definition of Unskilled, Semi-Skilled, Skilled and Highly Skilled Workers.

The minimum wages in the state of Maharashtra will be next revised with effect from July 2019.

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