Minimum wages in Gujarat – April 2020 Notification – Shops & Commercial Establishment

The revision in minimum wages in Gujarat is done in the months of April & October. The latest revision in Gujarat Minimum wages has been done with effect from 1st April 2020 and it is valid till 30 September 2020. The revised labour rates are applicable for Shops & Commercial Establishments and other scheduled employments as per the list provided towards the end of this article.

The concept of Minimum Wages & the process of revising the wages are quite interesting. Understanding of Minimum Wages Act is a must for every HR person. In another article, I have explained about the Concept of Minimum Wages and the overview of Minimum Wages Act in simple language.

As per the Gujarat Labour deparment minimum wage Notification, following are the latest minimum wages in Gujarat

Minimum Wages in Gujarat Zone I

Unskilled Labour –  Rs. 332.5 per day  (i.e. Rs. 276 Basic Wages + Rs. 56.5 Dearness Allowance)

Semi skilled Labour –  Rs. 340.5 per day  (i.e. Rs. 284 Basic Wages + Rs. 56.5 Dearness Allowance)

Skilled Labour –  Rs. 349.5 per day  (i.e. Rs. 293 Basic Wages + Rs. 56.5 Dearness Allowance)

You can click here for the Definition of Unskilled, Semi-Skilled, Skilled and Highly Skilled Workers.

Minimum Wages in Gujarat Zone II

Unskilled Labour –  Rs. 324.5 per day  (i.e. Rs. 268 Basic Wages + Rs. 56.5 Dearness Allowance)

Semi skilled Labour –  Rs. 332.5 per day  (i.e. Rs. 276 Basic Wages + Rs. 56.5 Dearness Allowance)

Skilled Labour –  Rs. 340.5 per day  (i.e. Rs. 284 Basic Wages + Rs. 56.5 Dearness Allowance)

Notification PDF – Minimum wages in Gujarat for April 2020 to September 2020

You can download below the Notification PDF released by the Gujarat Labour department, specifying the Dearness Allowance revised with effect from 1st April 2020. The minimum wages have been arrived at by adding the basic wages and the revised dearness allowance –

Schedules of Employment

Following is the comma separated list of different schedules of employment for which the above specified minimum wages are applicable –

Manufacturing Process as defined under section 2k of Factory Act , Automobile repairing Workshop and Garages, Bobbin Industry, Bakeries, Brick Manufacturing Industry (1000 Bricks), Cotton Ginning or cotton Pressing Manufactory, Cement Prestressed Products Industry, Maintenance of Buildings and construction and maintenance of runways, Dispensary of a Medical Practitioner Medical Consultant Clinic of Pathological Laboratory, Employment of non- teaching staff in private non- grant-in-aid educational, Drilling operations & Maintenance of Tube wells,

Electronics & Allied or Incidental Industry, Engineering Establishments ( other than) Auto Repair., Workshop & Garages employing less then 50 Employees in Industrial Eng. Establishments, Fisheries Industries, Film Industry including employment in production distribution and Exhibition , Forestry and Timber operation other than those carried on by Farmer, Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Hotel Restaurant & Eating houses, Hosiery Industry, Industrial Engineering Establishments employee more than 50 workers, Khandsari Industry, Jari Industry, Municipal Corporation, Municipality or Nagar Panchayat, Gram Panchayat, Manufacturing Ready-made Garments or its Accessories, & Tailoring Establishments more than three workers, Oil Mills, Petrol & Diesel Oil Pumps, Plastic Industries,

Pottery Industries, Pre-weaving & Textile Processing Industries, Printing Press, Private Security Guard Services, Public Motor Transport, Pulp & Paper Board Manufacturing, Roofing, Tiles. Mfg., , Salt Pan Industries including artificial Rubber Product Mfg. Industry, Soap Manufacturing Industry, Stone Breaking & Stone Crushing Industries, Sugar Industries, Tannering & Leather Mfg., Rubber Products Mfg. , Rice Floor & Dal Mills, Power loom Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Shops & Commercial Establishments.

Next revision in Gujarat Minimum Wages

The next revision in minimum wages in Gujarat, will be applicable with effect from 1st October 2020. You can subscribe to this website to get quickly updated as and when the minimum wages are revised.

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