Revised Minimum Wages in Bihar – Labour Department Notification 2020

The minimum wages in Bihar have been revised for the period – 1st April 2020 to 30 September 2020. The notification dated 24th March 2020 for the wage revision was released by the Labour Department of Bihar Government. As per the minimum wages Notification pdf, the wages have been revised for employees / labour of all categories of Scheduled Employments. These revised wages are applicable for the 1st half of the Financial Year 2020-21.

The concept of Minimum Wages & the process of revising the wages are quite interesting. Understanding of Minimum Wages Act is a must for every HR professional. You can refer my article, wherein I have explained about the Minimum Wages Concept and the overview of Minimum Wages Act,1948

Current Minimum Wages in Bihar

Following are the current minimum wages for different categories of workers. These rates are applicable for the period 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2020 –

Unskilled – Rs. 287 per Day i.e. Rs. 7462 per month

Semi Skilled – Rs. 299 per Day i.e. Rs. 7774 per month

Skilled – Rs. 364 per day i.e. Rs. 9464 per month

Highly Skilled – Rs. 444 per day i.e. Rs. 11,544 per month

Supervisory / Clerical – Rs. 8227 per month

You can click here for the Definition of Unskilled, Semi-Skilled, Skilled and Highly Skilled Workers.

List of Scheduled Employments

Above minimum wages consist of the Basic wages & the Variable Dearness Allowance. These wages are applicable for workers employed in all the below listed scheduled employments –

1-Co-operative sector, 2- Aluminium Industry, 3- Khandsari Industry, 4- Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, 5- Soap Making Industry, 6- Cement Pre-stressed Product Industry, 7- Asbestos Cement Industry, 8- Glass Sheet Industry, 9- Gun Factories, 10- Religious and Social Institution, 11- Paper Industry, 12- Laundry & Washing, 13- Hosiery Manufactory Corrugated Board, Straw, 14- Manufacture of Sindur & Rang, 15- Manufacture of Leather Good, 16- Wood works & Furniture, 17- Ice Cream and Cold Drinks, 18- Petrol and Diesel Pump, 19- Fisheries, 20- Khadi and Village Industries, 21 – Private Ferries & LTC, 22- Book Binding Industry, 23- Dafti, Card Board, Mill Board, Paper Board, Corrugated, Board, Straw Board or Gatta Paper Board Manufactory, 24- Electronics Industry, 25- Cement Hume pipe, Electric pole and railway sleeper manufactures Industry, 26- Plywood Industries, 27- Electric and other type of Bulbs and Florence Tubes, 28- Foundry Industries, 29- Rubber and Rubber compound Industry, 30- Biscuit Industry.

31- Coal briquette industry, 32- Tailoring Industry, 33- Handloom Industry, 34- Private Hospitals, Nursing Home and Clinic, 35- Distilleries, 36- Plastic Industries, 37- Mineral Grinding Industry, 38- Glass Industries, 39- Dairies and Poultry Farms, 40- Manufacture of Gold, Silver Ornaments & article of artistic Design, 41- Tanneries Leather Technology, 42- Rice Mills, Flour Mills and Dal Mills, 43- Oil Mills, 44- Printing Press, 45- Any shops or establishments, 46- Public Motor Transport, 47-Any woolen carpet making or shawl weaving establishment, 48- Coal Storage, 49-Minor Engineering Industry, 50-Dam Construction & Irrigation.

51- Construction or Manufactory of Road or in Building Construction, 52-Bakeries & Confectioneries, 53- Shops selling cooked food stuff, 54- Hotels Eating house and Restaurants, 55- Mica Work, 56- Cinema Industry, 57- Any University, Educational, Research or cultural institutions, 58- Private Security, 59- Refectories, Fire Bricks & Ceramic Industry, 60- Potteries, 61- Automobile Engineering Shops, 62- Hard Coke Industry, 63- Courier Service, 64- Frittered Rice, 65- Electro-Casting and Metal Furnishing, 66- Engineering Industries, 67- Rolling of Iron rod, Plates, Angles etc. works, 68- Jute Industry & Similar works, 69- Information Technology.

Notification PDF of Revised Minimum Wages in Bihar

Labour Resources Department of Govt. of Bihar updates the Notifications of revision in minimum wages, on their website – Website – Labour Resources Department of Bihar Government

You can download the latest notification pdf either from the above website or from here –

Bihar Minimum wages as mentioned in this article, are applicable till 30 September 2020. Subsequently, the labour department will again revise the wages on the basis of change in Variable Dearness Allowance.

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