Minimum Wages Act 1948


Minimum Wages Act, 1948 – Introduction

Minimum Wages Act 1948, is the national minimum wage Act for India. It is an Act to provide for fixing minimum rates of wages in certain employments. It was enacted in the year 1948 and hence called Minimum Wages Act 1948. This Act is applicable to the whole of India.

This article provides – the definition and objective of minimum wage, key features & Provisions of the Minimum Wages Act 1948, Process of setting minimum wages and other related information. 

What is Minimum Wage ?

Minimum wage is the minimum amount of remuneration/ wage/ salary that an employer is required to pay wage earners for the work performed during a given period.

The main purpose of minimum wages, is to protect workers against unduly low pay. 

International Labour Organization has provided excellent information on key questions of good practices for Minimum wages and a wide range of practical issues related to Minimum Wages across the globe ––en/index.htm

Why was Minimum wages Act made?

The main purpose of Minimum Wages Act, is to set the rules to ensure protection of workers against unduly low pay. 

Procedure for fixing and revising minimum wages

In fixing minimum rates of wages for the first time under this Act or in revising minimum rates of wages , the appropriate government follows any one of the below process  –

(a) Appoint committees and sub-committees to hold enquiries and advise the government in respect of wage fixation or wage revision. Fix or revise the minimum rates of wages as per the advice of committees and sub-committees after consultation with Advisory board.

(b) By notification in the Official Gazette, publish its wage proposals for the information of persons likely to be affected and specify a date (not less than two months from the date of the notification) on which the representations will be taken into consideration. After considering the representation, the appropriate government fixes/revises the minimum wages through notification.

Link for the Bare Act for Minimum Wages Act 1948 –

You can download the Bare Act – Minimum wages Act 1948 pdf file from the below link –

Amendment of Minimum wages Act 1948 by different states of India

This Act has been amended in Uttar Pradesh by Uttar Pradesh Act 20 of 1960 (w.e.f. 1-1-1960). Bihar by Bihar Act 3 of 1961, Maharashtra by Maharashtra Act 10 of 1961, Andhra Pradesh by Andhra Pradesh Act 19 of 1961, Gujarat by Gujarat Act 22 of 1961, Madhya Pradesh by Madhya Pradesh Act 11 of 1959, Kerala by Kerala Act 18 of 1960, Rajasthan by Rajasthan Act 4 of 1969, Madhya Pradesh by Madhya Pradesh Act 36 of 1976 and Maharashtra by Maharashtra Act 25 of 1976.