JOB HOPPING – Meaning, Reasons & Results

In this article we will understand job hopping meaning & explain about various job hopping reasons. We will also understand job hopper meaning and will explain how a job hopping resume impacts your career and what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

For Job hopping, it has always been believed that it has much more disadvantages then advantages. But a survey about job hopping has thrown some interesting facts. It also highlights the difference in the views of employees and employers about Job Hopping.

Job Hopping Meaning

The meaning or definition of job hopping has changed in the last decade. A few years back, anybody who changed job before completing 3 years in a job was looked skeptically by the employers. Now the Scenario has changed and the employers are more lenient towards frequency and duration of job changes.

35% of the surveyed employers feel that an employee who changes job every 2 years, can be categorized as a job Hopper.

Remaining 65% organizations feel that only those who changes jobs every year can be considered as job hoppers.

So what do you think ? Do you fall in this category ?

Employee’s Views about Job hopping

40% of the surveyed employees feel that Job Hopping is not good for their career and can also prove to be detrimental.

You have to start all over again when you change a job. It takes around 6 months to understand the complexities of the new company and the job, and hence to reach your optimum level of performance.

But when you change a job, you get a salary jump. In most of the cases you get a higher designation also. 60% of the employees feel that Job Hopping is something which they can use to fast track their career.

Reasons of Job Hopping

60% of the employees feel that job hopping can benefit their career and will be advantageous. Here are the reasons why the employees feel that being a job hopper can benefit their career and will be advantageous  –

  1. It helps move up the career ladder faster                   –              37%
  2. It helps to get higher Compensation                            –              33 %
  3. It helps in Gaining Diverse experience                       –              20%
  4. It helps in Acquiring new skills                                     –              10%

Advantages & Disadvantages of Job Hopping and Job hoppers

46% of the surveyed organizations said that they have never hired a job hopper. The reasons are – Lack of Loyalty, High Attrition, & Low reliability of Job hoppers.

But some organizations have hired job hoppers (although in a very small ratio), due to the following reasons –

  1. Diversity of their work experience
  2. Their exposure to various sectors
  3. Powerful network they built during their stint at previous workplaces.

None of the surveyed company hired more than 10% job hoppers.

So it is very clear that if you have frequently hopped job in the past, you will have to put extra effort to convince your next employer to hire you. But if you are not a serial job hopper but have strategically changed your jobs, then your diversified exposure may also help in quickly impressing the interviewer.


In the last year, 67 % organizations did not hire any job hopper. 32% organizations hired job hoppers but they kept the numbers as small as 1 out of every 20 hires.

Job Hopping may seem to be good in the short term to the employees, but it is important to think about the long term. Many of the organizations does not even shortlist the CVs of the job hoppers. It is fine to change job in a short duration (1-2 years) once or twice in your career, but it is not OK to continue doing it.

For Junior and Middle Management positions, one or two short duration job changes are OK. But as the frequency of job changes increase, organizations does not see the candidate as a good potential employee.

If we talk about Senior Management and Top Management positions, stability is one of the important things which employers seek and you must give it a serious thought every time you change job without spending three years in an organization.

Hope you are clear about job hopping meaning and impact of being a job hopper.

Let us know your views on job hopping and job hoppers in the comments section and whether you think frequent job changes are advantageous or disadvantageous for the employees.

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