ESI Employer contribution, Employee contribution & ESIC applicability

Ultimate guide on ESIC applicability, ESI employer contribution, employee contribution, calculation & ESI benefits.

12 Criteria for Effective Performance Management System which Guarantees Success

In this article I will tell you about the 12 criteria for effective Performance management system, which together ensures that we get an exceptionally successful Performance Management System. Let us start – Linking Organizational Goals with Employee’s Performance The purpose of employees’ performance is to ensure achievement of organizational goals. The Performance management System (PMS)…

Why do we need Performance Management System?

You all know that all established companies give high emphasis on an Employee Performance Management System. In this article I am focusing on the most elementary question – Why do we need Performance Management System? And why should even the small companies invest in implementation of an Employee Performance Management System (PMS). To understand the…

Key Performance Indicators examples for Human Resources

The articles provides key performance indicators examples for human resources areas such as – Recruitment, Performance Management System, Learning & Development, Talent Management etc. You can also download the HR KPI template which I have designed in excel.

How to calculate gratuity for private sector employees

This article provides complete information about how to calculate gratuity for private sector employees and for the government sector employees. The article also provides Gratuity calculation formula and the key points related the same. What is Gratuity ? Gratuity is a payment given by an employer to the employee at the time of end of…